1. The competition group is divided into college group (only for undergraduate students) and general group (including graduate students and research assistants).
  2. To qualify as a competitor, the presenting author should be either a student or a research assistant, including Postdoctoral Fellow, and register for competition at the Annual Meeting.
  3. The numbers of the merit awards and honorable mentions are 3% and 10% of the total number of papers accepted for the poster competition, respectively.
  4. Award Selection: The organizer should invite several reviewers to form the selection committee. The committee chair in charge of convening meetings is elected by the committee members. The committee should hold two meetings: the first meeting should review the selection criteria, and the second meeting should discuss and provide an award list to the Annual Meeting organizer.
  5. Selection Criteria: 20% for layout design, 40% for academic value, and 40% on-site presentation.
  6. Awards: Each merit award winner receives NT$ 3,000 and a certificate; each honorable mention winner receives a certificate.
  7. The list of the award winners for the poster competition should be announced prior to the closing ceremony of the Annual Meeting.

Source: https://www.ps-taiwan.org/en/modules/pages/poster