Guideline for the AAPPS Award for the Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Taiwan (TPS)


 Amended by the Department of Academic Affairs on 8/8/2020


    1. The goal of the TPS AAPPS Award is to encourage students in physical sciences to participate in research, enhance international collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region, present their research progress, and promote and acknowledge individual achievement.
    2. To qualify as a competitor, the presenting author should register to enter Oral Presentation competition at the Annual Meeting registration.
    3. Award Selection: The organizer should invite several reviewers to form the selection committee. The committee chair in charge of convening meetings is elected by the committee members.
    4. Competitors should present his/her paper and respond to questions within the allocated time.
      Selection Criteria: 40% for content, 30% for presentation, and 20% for Q&A performance, and 10% for time control.
    5. Award: The AAPPS Award winner (maximum three) receives NT$ 5,000 and a certificate.
    6. The list of the award winners for the AAPPS Award should be announced prior to the closing ceremony of the Annual Meeting.
    7. The Guideline shall be enacted after the approval of the Department of Academic Affairs Board of TPS. Same measure applies when the Guideline is amended.